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KNOW God; LOVE like Jesus; MOVE in the Spirit

To serve the hungry and hurting and share the hope of the Gospel.


KidSpace is open on Sundays, 10:00 - 11:00 for children ages Newborn-5th Grade.

What’s KidSpace all about?  Our KidSpace motto:  KNOW God through the Bible, Prayer, Church; LOVE like Jesus; MOVE in His Spirit to serve others and share the Gospel. Our “space” for Kids is to create a loving environment for each child to know how loved they are by their Creator, God, who sent His Son, Jesus.  Jesus showed His full expression of love for us by dying on the cross for our sins, so we might be forgiven and become a part of the eternal Kingdom of God. We know that God wants us to be on the MOVE to serve and share with others who are hurting, hungry, and who need the hope of Jesus.  Our prayer for our students is to KNOW God, to recognize His Words are truth and life, and to accept the LOVE of Jesus.  We pray for them to become followers of His, and to be ready to MOVE in His Spirit, so they can share their faith story and lovingly be in service to their family, church, and community.

Child Check-in/Check-out Stations

The KidSpace experience begins at the check-in counter. Children receive a name tag with ID number and you will be directed to the appropriate classroom. Parents will receive a duplicate tag to be used at check-out time. A volunteer will be available at the check-in area outside of KidSpace to assist with your check-in. During the service, ID numbers will be used to notify parents in person or via text message if a need arises. The volunteer will print out all check-in labels for parents. We follow health & safety guidelines in each age level and all volunteers have been background checked.  


To learn more about Sunday programs for your child, click the links below!


5:00 - 6:30

Beyond Sunday Morning

Elementary Ministry also includes Awana groups, events, service opportunities, camps and retreats, to help students deepen their relationships with each other and God. Keep an eye out on our ​ Facebook Group Page and Nic’s Notes to be in the know about various activities from White Mills Christian Camp, 4th & 5th SuperStart Convention in Cincinnati, our 4th & 5th Retreat at Life Adventure Center, Versailles, KY, our “No School, How Cool” days planned for different age groups, and Young Believer’s Choir who performs seasonally with our Worship Choir for a multi-generational Christmas experience.  There’s always something to look forward to in KidSpace!

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