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Del Elliott-2.jpg
Del Elliott


Started Attending Northside: 2004

Spouse: Stephanie Elliott, married 2003

Children: Evelyn, Katherine, Nathan

Favorite Biblical Author: Paul

Del moved to Kentucky in 1998, after graduating from THE Ohio State University (class of 1998). He is an Electrical Engineer at Lexmark. Del's interests include OSU Football and Basketball, technology, and SciFi.

Dave Lewallen-2.jpg
David Lewallen


Started Attending Northside: 2002

Spouse: Kendra Lewallen
Children: Peyton, Colton, and Layton

Favorite Scripture: Romans 5:8


David has been working for UPS 23 years. He enjoys reading, watching movies and sports!


Alan Loosier-2.jpg
Alan Loosier


Started Attending Northside: 2017

Spouse: Lisa, married 2009

Children: Audrey and Rachel

Favorite Scripture: Luke 10:25-37

Alan moved to Georgetown from Northern Alabama in 2016. He graduated from Northwest Shoals Community College Tool/Die program in 2005, and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Management from Northwood University. He is a 3rd shift Maintenance Team Leader for Robot Repair in Body Weld at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky (TMMK). Alan's iterests include hunting, fishing, being outdoors, and gardening. 

Zack Ware-Deacon.jpg
Zack Ware


Started Attending Northside: 

Spouse: Mandy Ware

Children: Shawn, 

Favorite scripture:

Nick Moran-Deacon.jpeg
Nick Moran


Started Attending Northside: 



Favorite scripture: 



Rob Shear-2.jpg
Rob Shear


Started Attending Northside: 2009

Spouse: Sabrina Shear

Children: Addy, Grant, and Hartlee

Favorite scripture: 

Rob is a graduate of West Point and Northwestern University. He likes Popeyes fried chicken, any chocolate candy, chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter and jelly, Mountain Dew, yard work, Star Wars, Star Trek, and college basketball! He does not like when people leave their clothes inside out when they put them in the laundry basket, people asking him to share his food (if you really want some, he'll buy you your own!) His hobbies include running, reading, and building plastic models.

Dwayne Stafford-2.jpg
Dwayne Stafford


Started Attending Northside: 

Spouse: Dana Stafford

Children: Tristan, Alexis, Noah

Favorite scripture: 


Wayne Young-2.jpg
Wayne Yong


Started Attending Northside: 2014

Spouse: Lisa Young

Favorite scripture: 2 Corinthians 4:8-9

Wayne is a Graduate of University of Kentucky, and a semi-retired attorney. He and his wife Lisa have three grown children and five grandchildren. Wayne's interests include travel, aviation, World War II history, and UK sports.


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